UK's First Sustainable Marketplaces, with global accreditation & sustainable business register!

UK's First Sustainable Marketplaces, with global accreditation & sustainable business register!

UK's First Sustainable Marketplaces, with global accreditation & sustainable business register!

Posted: 26/02/2023

Have you heard?

UK businesses are rallying to work together on the UK's first sustainable marketplace!

Share platforms have popped up across the NW and soon the NE with hundreds of businesses joining to 'share'.  Share platforms are sustainable marketplaces, allowing businesses to buy, sell, recruit, connect, share opportunities and more and are 100% powered by business!

Established in 2016, share platforms offer a central point in UK counties for businesses to collaborate and flourish with members receiving funding and tender alerts, introductions and tons of other measured returns.  Whilst members gain returns, the platforms are free for everyone else to use, ensuring equality of information and opportunity, across regions.  Moreover, whilst members receive measured returns, the collective impact is the focus of GB Shared, who are busy monitoring how the collective, countywide collaboration, impacts unemployment, carbon footprint, social values, local supply chains and sustainability....

In 2020, they launched a national youth platform, allowing member businesses to feed opportunities to future generations, bridging the gap between education and industry.  Employers can share to TheGen.Online or access its youth talent pool or share opportunities with young adults.  The Gen has filled with opportunities direct from businesses including; guest teachers, guest speakers, work placements, internships, jobs and life skills like how to get a mortgage, budget, find support and much more, it's 100% powered by businesses bringing opportunities to future generations!

In 2022, GB Shared had shared over £1bn in tender opportunities AND provided free bid support to members keeping millions at local level, protecting jobs and stimulating economies.  Noting that the public sector and larger supply chains were keen to procure locally AND sustainably, they partnered with CSRA - a global sustainable accreditation to give members a commercial and competitive advantage.  They are now the UK's first sustainable marketplace with a sustainable supply chain register for the UK.

In 2023, GB Shared will go national, putting a share site in EVERY UK county ensuring equality across communities and sustainable inclusion for all.

Lisa Edge, founder of GB Shared said, 'There are 5.6 million SME's in the UK with no centralised support when it comes to becoming sustainable.  The public sector and larger companies are trying to procure from non-existent sustainable supply chains, we've already created local and collaborative supply chains in each county, now it's time to help those businesses become as sustainable as possible, gaining global accreditation and being given a fighting chance at winning future business.

Our global accreditation is on offer to every business, member or not, we're happy to share, members of course receive additional support throughout their journey.