Standards For All → Sustainability starts here

Standards For All → Sustainability starts here

Standards For All → Sustainability starts here

Posted: 19/05/2023

Why not see if GENEO’s standardisation software can help your business to reduce waste and improve your sustainability in 6 months with our free trial licence and training support?

Successful continuous improvement requires the workforce to be aligned to a common goal and a robust system for documenting every positive change. Our customers successfully use GEN-OPS to deliver their strategy, and your business can do this too. So why not use GEN-OPS to help achieve your sustainability targets?

Our GEN-OPS SaaS solution is accessed through a browser to give every employee in your organisation immediate access to their standards, allowing them to start building, contributing and benefiting from beautiful standards right from the start. By simplifying this process, your colleagues can participate in the life cycle of every one of “their” work instructions.

GENEO are passionate about this. We want every business to derive benefits from working with great standards. For this reason, we are offering 6 months of licence-free access to the GEN-OPS SaaS platform from January 2023. To support this journey, we will provide a series of bite-sized online training tutorials with a follow-up Q&A session to help get you up and running as quickly as possible. In addition, we will record the sessions and make the videos available, so you can always catch up if you cannot make the scheduled tutorial time.

You can continue the service at the end of your trial period if you like. If not, you can always download the standards you spent time creating. For companies with between 1-20 employees the cost would be £100pcm (or £1000pa for an annual license).

The cost for larger organisations is calculated in proportion to the number of employees they have. The free trial period for larger companies is also longer, giving them more time to evaluate the solution.

Visit our share page and reach out for a free connection to explore this offer further!