Outsourcing myth busters

Outsourcing myth busters

Outsourcing myth busters

Posted: 19/01/2022

❌Myth #1 – Outsourcing means losing control

When you’ve built up a reputation for excellence, it can be a scary prospect to introduce a new face into your business.
You may be a perfectionist who is frightened to loosen the reins of control.

That’s ok – outsourcing doesn’t mean you stop running the show – in fact, the idea is you have more time to run it well.
Collaborative tools like Google Calendar means you can still check in on all those important areas whilst using the admin time you’ve passed on to grow your business.

❌Myth #2 – Outsourcing is all or nothing

Simply untrue. You don't have to outsource everything. If all you need is a helping hand at the end of the month, that’s fine with me. Sometimes a little help can go a long way. Start with the small stuff, and watch your business grow from there.

❌Myth #3 – Outsourcing compromises quality

Like any service or product you invest in, quality differs from provider to provider, and manufacturer to manufacturer.
This is why doing your research counts. And just like that new suit, the fit has to be just right. Before you make a commitment to a VA, get to know them first.

❌Myth #4 – Outsourcing means losing my systems

If your system is working, outsourcing the work to a VA needn’t mean losing those great processes you already have in place.
It simply means I follow your lead and keep the train running smoothly while you get the time and opportunity to develop your business further.

Now, be honest, which one did you believe was true?