Level up your social media with creative content marketing ideas in 2022

Level up your social media with creative content marketing ideas in 2022

Level up your social media with creative content marketing ideas in 2022

Posted: 15/12/2021

Creating content marketing material and posting on social media all the time can leave you feeling stuck for ideas.

If you've found yourself defaulting to the same style of posts and want to shake things up in 2022, here's our guide on generating creative content marketing ideas that can be shared on your socials.

Whenever you are planning your content marketing, it's vital to stay organised. And for just this reason, we've created several resources to keep on top of your content and social media marketing. Get your 30-day planner and notebook with a 12-month planner to write down all of your creative content marketing ideas.

Ideas for different types of content marketing 

New Year is always a great time to start forming new habits and learning new skills, especially when organising your content marketing planning. It's a great time to try something new. Let us first look at the different types of content that you can share to form your overall content marketing mix - 

  • * Blogs and articles 
  • * Email marketing 
  • * Website pages 
  • * Video content 
  • * Audio content
  • * Photos and branded images 
  • * Social media text posts 
  • * Infographics 
  • * Free downloads - e-books/PDFs

You may not want to use ALL of these content marketing formats, but using a mixture is usually best. Your audience will not find your content engaging if it's always presented to them in the same format. Test to see what you get the best response from. 

And please, don't forget to add a call to action! Read more about 'how to write a compelling social media call to action in your posts' and 'great call to action examples to smash your social media engagement'.

Repurpose old content, so you don't always have to find new ideas 

Something many people forget about when it comes to creative content marketing ideas is repurposing your old content. Just because you have shared it before doesn't mean you can't share it again. Successful content marketing strategies create new content and focus heavily on using what you already have. 

Say you have a blog post from a year ago. There are a few ways to refresh and re-share it. You could re-share that to your social media channels with a reflection on it or add an updated section on your website with a timestamp to say it was amended. 

Another good suggestion is to keep an eye on the news and current affairs - if they touch on topics you have written about previously, you should share that article with your thoughts. 

Now, let's talk about video and audio repurposing. These could work if you've been on a podcast episode or recorded a video interview. You can create lots of small clips from the original file to share separately across your social media channels, write a blog post based on why the file was created (sharing an embedded file). You can also add branding to your video or audio files through free tools like Canva (more on this later) or Headliner (great for podcasts).

No matter what form of content marketing you use, there's always a way of repurposing old content! 

Sharing your content through social media marketing

Every time you create a new piece of content, whether that's hosted on your website or not, you should use social media marketing as a way to promote it. The different social media channels have slightly different rules, but generally speaking, social media platforms reward you when you share various content types. It's better for the algorithm to mix it up and keep people engaged. 

One of the joys of social media is its versatility, as each platform allows you to post different types of social media content. When you use a combination of social media platforms in your marketing mix, you can have fun with your content. But this also comes with a common challenge many of us face - how do you constantly come up with creative content marketing ideas? 

If you don't know where to start, read the previous blog about how to craft a social media plan in 5 manageable steps' first.

Creative content marketing ideas for you to use in the New Year

A New Year always gives us marketers plenty to talk about. As a prompt, there are some questions listed below that can form plenty of material for your new email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and blogs.

  • * What have you and your team achieved this last year? 
  • * What's been happening 'behind the scenes?
  • * Have you hired new staff? 
  • * Did your offering/products grow? 
  • * What changed for you?
  • * What inspirational quotes resonate with you?
  • * Do you have a new product launch planned or a special offer?
  • * Will you organise a face-to-face meeting/event? 
  • * Where do you see yourself in this new year?

In time for the New Year, you can also share older content as a reflection (another form of repurposing content). It's an excellent time to look back on what you were posting about on your social media channels or website blog a year ago to see the progress you've made. Don't be afraid to repurpose any content marketing from then to form your 2022 plans. 

Another way to form creative content marketing ideas is to share your thoughts based on what you do in your own time, too. People love unique content, especially if it features a cute pet! This is explained in my previous blog post 'how pets can help you create winning content'.

Using Canva for content marketing visuals 

All content marketing formats perform better on social media when you can share a striking visual with it. Your visuals could be a mixture of professional brand photography, branded imagery, and infographics. Many people digest information better if presented to them in a visual format rather than plain text. 

A fantastic tool to create striking visuals is Canva. Popular with many in-house marketers, Canva offers a free platform to use that doesn't require any design skills. With its easy drag-and-drop feature and pre-built templates, you can create beautiful images in minutes with your company brand colours. 

Not only that, but as mentioned earlier in the post, you can edit videos and audio files on Canva. This can be useful when sharing video content, such as reels, but you also want to add your company logo or text overlays. 

To get support with Canva, The Thinking Cap offers a free online course to help you - access it here, 'create social media graphics that stop the scroll!". If you still need some extra support, get in touch for 121 Canva training or talk to me about creating a full suite of on-brand imagery for you to use directly.

That should have given you some great starting points to level up your creative content marketing ideas for 2022, but if you need any extra social media content support, get in touch.