How to be organised on the bad days

How to be organised on the bad days

How to be organised on the bad days

Posted: 05/05/2022

😢Life it's hard, you're not imagining it!

We all have those days where we wake up in the morning and are already thinking, no thanks world. Not today.

❓️And why do we feel like this? It's usually because of the sense of being overwhelmed, that to-do list just doesn't go away does it?

And no, I'm not about to say routine will get rid of these day because nothing can. We all have them from time to time no matter how organised or happy we are. It's life!😕

👉But what I will say is, when you are having them thoughts, try and do the opposite.
Dig deep and find that future self of you, imagine how you'd feel in just an hour's time if you started on that to-do list and really focused on it.
Take a moment to think about how good you'll feel if you did those tasks you're putting off done.

House or work tasks, one small hour of your day could mean a few ticks on that list!

⭐️When you start one and get that motivation, you'll carry on doing more. Before you know it, you've kicked that gloom and doom feeling right in the face! ⭐️

If you're having one of those days today.

🏁Put the phone down
🏁Get the music on
🏁Get your list written and
🏁1,2,3 GO!!

What's your go to when you need to motivate yourself??