Posted: 24/01/2022

👋It's always nice to re-introduce yourself so hi, my name is Helen, I live in Lancaster with my husband Ste, my 2 wonderful boys and I am a virtual assistant.

I am here to help the growing business owner who needs support behind the scenes to tackle that never-ending admin to-do list 📔

So let's break the ice with a few fast facts about me

💫I have been with my husband since we were 18!! that's 16 years this year!

💫I don't like dogs, even after having a family dog I'm still not a fan

💫I have had a near-death experience! Scary times! And no I didn't see any lights

💫I am a full-blown hermit, PJs over cocktails any day (that could just be age)

💫I'm rubbish at wrapping presents - this is the one that surprises people that most something to do with because I'm organised I should enjoy origami??

Now over to you, tell me one fact about you or your business you'd love to share