Feel organised this Christmas

Feel organised this Christmas

Feel organised this Christmas

Posted: 23/12/2021

🤯Being a business owner means it can sometimes be hard to switch off. over the Christmas period Am I right?

So, here are 5 things that I'll be doing this week to be able to turn off the computer guilt-free knowing everything will still be in one peace when I log back on.

🖊Send your Christmas hours to your clients - Setting boundaries, in any case, is the best way to make things simple and to let your clients know, not only when you'll be off, but when you'll be available.

🖊Go through your to-do list and ask yourself the following question - Is this a December problem or a January problem? Move what you can and do what you need to.

🖊Update your scheduler, if you are not wanting any appointments over certain dates make sure your scheduler/ calendar reflects this, no surprise calls!

🖊Do what you NEED to do. If this week has already been manic (and it's only Tuesday) then no, the oven doesn't need cleaning, your emails don't all need labels....this is now a January job.
Be gentle with yourself and do what you need to. Procrastination is there only to tempt you, defeat the temptation!

🖊Time block - With some many things to do in every area of your life, days become filled with a million activities, give each one time and stick to it as best as you can

Just because you run a business doesn't mean you can't relax and enjoy the Christmas period.

Let me know one thing you'll be doing this week to help you start switching off.