LinkedIn Training Program

LinkedIn Training Program

LinkedIn Training Program

Posted: 07/08/2021

Type: both


Your Need

If you are like the rest of my clients, you will require a LinkedIn training solution that helps you and your business become more successful in your connection strategy on LinkedIn.

  • You will be seeking to improve engagement with your audience to lead to discussions that result in lead generation opportunities for your business.
  • You have a significant opportunity to expand your business and driving sales is critical to your success.
  • Your target audience may already be defined, and you may have a good idea about the type of people you’d like to attract. How do you improve your targeting and engagement with them? How do you turn Connections and indeed prospect Connections into valuable clients of the future? And critically, how do you find more of the same?

If this matches your experience, then I have the answer.

But let me explain just a little more what I have experienced over the last decade.

Left to your own devices, however well-intentioned you may be, the day-to-day priorities of business-as-usual will drag you away from actioning what you know you should be doing on LinkedIn to make it successful.

Unlike other LinkedIn courses, this proposal suggests a more supportive approach to creating success on LinkedIn.

There are 12 LinkedInCredible steps to achieve success on LinkedIn

I have determined that training on LinkedIn comprises twelve steps:

  • 1. Define the project aims
  • 2. Define the measures of success
  • 3. Identify target customers
  • 4. Prospect mapping
  • 5. LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • 6. Upgrades to platforms
  • 7. Content strategy
  • 8. Customer journey review
  • 9. Prospect database
  • 10. Connection strategy
  • 11. Engagement plan
  • 12. Rinse and repeat and convert

My LinkedIn training solution takes you through each of these twelve stages in seven online meetings of between 60 and 90 minutes. Tasks will be required of each attendee before and after each meeting. I call it homework!
You will need to allocate some time to complete assessments and worksheets and watch explanatory videos between each session.

The pace of the LinkedIn course can be determined by you but would typically take place over seven weeks. At the end of this period you will have:

“A complete strategy to maximise your understanding of how to use LinkedIn to generate sales.
You will have optimised YOUR LinkedIn profile to attract the right audience”


For an individual, my price for this 7-week LinkedIn course is £500 + VAT and will be held with up to 11 other people in a cohort. Cohorts commence every couple of weeks or less.
View course dates and book your LinkedIn Training today

For a Company, my price for this 7-week program is £2,000 + VAT, PLUS £250 + VAT per person. Please call me to discuss a plan and pricing for your team.


Improved LinkedIn profile

Improved personal brand

B2B business development plan

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