Accredited Online Training Courses

Accredited Online Training Courses

Accredited Online Training Courses

Posted: 01/04/2021

Type: both


We know you’re busy. But you want to achieve more. More success at work. More rewards. More money.

That all starts with study.

Our online short courses help you develop professionally and they fit around your lifestyle - you can study at your own pace. 

If you’re ambitious and want to get ahead in your career, but are struggling to find time for study – why not try our new online courses range.


·Flexible to your needs. No worries about getting to class on time. Or the windscreen’s iced up. Find your cosy place and knuckle down! 

·Great to develop your time management and motivation. By studying independently you start building a schedule to support your success – another professional skill that comes for free! 

·Lots of choice. No matter what you want to achieve, chances are we’ve got a course to help you get there. From Nutrition to Project Management we’ve got something for everyone. 

·Low cost. We’ve kept the prices low to make it easy for you to get stuck in. The rewards far outweigh the cost. So sign up for an online course today! 

·Your career will thank you. We’ve got courses for everyone. And if you can’t find what you want, give us a call. We’ll help you choose the course matching your needs.  

·Get your CPD covered. It’s important to keep refreshing your skills – not only in your current job, but with a view to that promotion you deserve! These online short courses count towards your annual CPD. 

·Boost your CV. Adding skills to your resume shows future employers you’re committed to personal development – which will prove you’ve got what it takes as a great hire. 

·Lay the foundations for further study. These online short courses are your gateway to more personal and professional growth. 


·Business, leadership and management

·Project management

·Childcare and education

·Health and safety

·Health and social care

·Health and wellbeing

·Personal development and employability

·Retail and hospitality

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